E-Waste and Bottle Drive

Do you have old electronics that are just in the way? Do you have empty spirits and beer bottles left over from the holiday season that are taking up space? Want to help the environment and your local Scouts?


We have the answer.


Please bring your E-Waste and Beer, Wine & Spirit bottles to our next collection,

1st Uxbridge Scouts E-Waste and Bottle Drive. Date to be determined. Meet us at Uxbridge Canadian Tire (map)


We will make sure your old electronics are properly deconstructed and recycled to minimize impact to the environment. 
Beer, Wine & Spirit bottles will be returned and recycled.


The money raised will be used to send Uxbridge youth to Scout Camps and Jamborees.

E-waste we can recycle

  • Amplifiers 

  • Audio players 

  • Batteries (All types)

  • Cameras 

  • Cellular phones 

  • Computer peripherals 

  • Copiers 

  • Desktop computers 

  • Equalizers 

  • Monitors 

  • Pagers 

  • PDAs 

  • Personal handheld computers 

  • Portable computers
       (including modems) 

  • Preamplifiers 

  • Printers 

  • Radios 

  • Receivers 

  • Scanners 

  • Speakers 

  • Telephones
       (and accessories) 

  • Televisions 

  • Toner cartridges

  • Tuners 

  • Turntables 

  • Typewriters 

  • Video players 

  • Video projectors 

  • Video recorders

E-waste we CANNOT recycle

  • Microwaves

  • Any kitchen appliances

  • Any household appliances

  • Any electric tools

  • Florescent bulbs

Beer, Wine & Spirit containers we can return

  • Beer Containers 
    (Bottles, Cans or Kegs)

  • Wine Containers 
       (Glass Bottles, Tetra Boxes or Bag-In-A-Boxes)

  • Spirit Containers 
       (Plastic or Glass Bottles)

  • Cooler Containers 
       (Plastic or Glass Bottles)